“Annamarie is a regular contributor to my large undergraduate sexualities course, offering her expertise, wisdom, and first-hand experiences with polyamory, identity, and negotiations of sexual and intimate relationships. Students have raved about her, appreciating her candor, warmth, and willingness to engage with them even across points of disagreement. The insight and perspective she offers her (our) students helps them broaden their own impressions of the world, situate themselves more critically in relationship to other people, and challenge some of their most deeply engrained taken-for-granted assumptions. She’s a gem.” ~Ben Anderson-Nathe (PSU)

“In the past I’ve been fortunate to attend a workshop on dildo play as well as mummification that Annamarie has presented. She is an engaging presenter who is well organized and easy to follow. Annamarie uses visual, hands-on aids and her demonstrations are lively and fun. I find her classes to be informative, thoughtful, thorough, and a complete joy. Plus sexy. All of the sexy!” ~Dara

“I have attended a couple of classes that Annamarie has taught. She brings an energy to the class that just draws the participants in. Her knowledge on the subjects covered indicates that she teaches from real world experience. I have also had the privilege of being mentored in a skill (needle play) in a one on one setting and her patience and enthusiasm made the experience highly engaging and enjoyable.” ~alice

“I can attest that Annamarie is, without a doubt, the most well-prepared and professional presenter I have worked with or watched in action over 15+ years and hundreds of presentations. She is engaging, professional, prepared, and still humorous, knowledgeable, and fun. She is also not lacking at all in charisma or charm, though she doesn’t rely on it to carry her presentations.

Annamarie uses live models, video, handouts, and interactive discussion with the audience (as appropriate for the specific content of the moment) to move her presentation forward. She is always very approachable and makes everybody feel welcome, often going above and beyond to assure different members of the audience that they are included when issues of gender or label come up.

I have found her presentations (the one I assisted, and others) to be of significant value and always worth the time/money expended. She CARES about her audience and it shows.

There is no subject that she would volunteer to present about that I wouldn’t be confident that she would deliver a blow-away presentation that would get high scores from any audience.” ~Charlie

“Passionate, engaging, and informative! Whether she’s moderating or presenting, Annamarie brings both humor and energy while managing to make her audiences comfortable –even when the subject matter is uncomfortable.” ~G.L. Morrison

“Annamarie is sharp and dynamic in her presentations. She provides live demos and handouts, which is very helpful whether you are new to the scene, want to to pick up some fun pointers or need a refresher course. I find her approach easy to understand and comprehensive. I appreciate her including different body types and upfront about pronoun usage. I have been to many of her classes and have noticed a diverse representation of kinky people, which is wonderful. I would highly recommend any of her classes. You will leave with a smile on your face and some fun, hot information to use in your play life.” ~Casi

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